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What Rooms Should I Virtually Stage?

There are a couple of factors that you really want to think about as an answer to the very important question: What rooms should you virtually stage?

First of all, let's talk about the National Association of Realtors and what they have to say about it. According to NAR's statistics, they say that the most commonly staged rooms are the living room, the primary bedroom, the kitchen, and the dining room - in that order. Of course, this is something to keep in mind first and foremost because obviously this is what buyers are kind of expecting and wanting!

However, I do want to add to that that a lot of how you would choose what rooms to Virtually Stage has to do with how buyers may perceive those rooms. What I mean is - is there any kind of uncertainty or hesitancy that they may have when they're looking through your listing photos online?

If there's a room that kind of looks like every other room, you might want to help the buyers define that in their mind because uncertainty and question marks are never a good thing for buyers. You really want to inspire confidence in them, that desire to make that home theirs. They might see a room that they're not sure whether it's an office or a den, for example. By Virtually Staging that room as an office, you take that question mark out of their mind. Of course the buyer can use that room for anything! But it's really just a matter of having that confidence in them as they're looking through the photos. You don't want that hesitancy to be the feeling that they walk away with. So that's something to very seriously keep in mind.

Of course, every listing is different. So you might have a listing with a lower level; you might have a listing with a bonus room; you might have a listing with an extra bedroom that maybe doesn't have to be a bedroom. There's lots of different factors to consider when you're thinking about what rooms to Virtually Stage.

One of the greatest features of Virtual Staging is that you really have endless options. You can even stage one room multiple ways if you wanted. So in the example I just gave, the buyer might be looking through wondering whether it's an office or a den, let's say, but you could stage it both ways! And that way the feeling that the buyer walks away with is, "Wow, I have options here." Which is a good thing for them to feel about your listing!

So those are some things to keep in mind. Keep in mind what rooms are the most commonly staged, but also think about your particular listing and what kind of question marks the buyers might have. Sometimes showing them the perspective of the room can be very helpful also, and a reason to virtually stage it. What I mean by that is, maybe you want them to feel how the layout flows from one area to another - maybe you have a combined area like a living/dining room and that virtual staging will help tie that together in their mind where they really understand that the rooms are connected.

You know your particular listing, but these are some things to keep in mind!