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What is Hamptons & Coastal Interior Design Style: Virtually Staged Examples

As Virtual Stagers, we get a lot of questions about the best style and look for different rooms. The Hamptons or Coastal Interior Design Style is one that we often recommend for areas near the water; it’s characterized by a contemporary, cool, and casual look. It has a hospitable and relaxing feel. Here’s are a few elements of the Hamptons or Coastal look that are important to keep in mind:

  • Include plenty of cool and calming whites
  • Neutral colours (gray, cream, linen, blues) are essential
  • Blue is key – from deep navy to light blue
  • Lighting should include chandeliers or pendants, and tabletop and floor lamps are both key
  • Plenty of natural lighting
  • Classic wood flooring
  • Wooden furniture that’s whitewashed
  • Plenty of linen and cotton

And with that, you’re well on your way to a Hamptons Coastal look.

Here are a few examples of Hamptons Style virtual staging – keep it in mind for your next coastal listing, and give us a call today for a free consult.