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Virtual Twilights and COVID-19

Virtual Twilight photography is more important than ever. With in-person Open Houses being few and far between this year, having eye-catching pictures to use with online property listings is more important than ever. Virtual Twilight images are one of the ways to effortlessly capture a potential buyer’s attention. It’s difficult to define exactly what twilight pictures evoke - the best way to describe it is what the French call je ne sais quoi - that special, indefinable something evoked by the vibrant blues, purples and reds in conjunction with the twinkling lights of a home.

In short: there’s something magical about twilight, and twilight pictures, in turn, can add magic to your online listings. They are a wonderful way to highlight special exterior features of a house and the surrounding property. They also increase the perceived value of a home, which, in turn, increases online listing views.

Traditional twilight photography, though, may not always be the best option. There are only certain times available to shoot them, and those windows are short. Depending on the time of year, twilights will need to either be shot earlier or later in the day, causing disruptions to a photographer’s schedule, and they may not have time to take them right away. Traditional twilight photos also typically require scheduling a separate shoot entirely, raising the overall cost of having pictures taken for a property.

Virtual Twilights are a viable option. They are friendlier to smaller budgets, and allow for a higher-end ambiance, even on smaller properties. And since virtual twilights are created from existing daytime photographs, only one shoot needs to be scheduled. The turnaround is also usually quicker than waiting on an in-person photographer to make time in their schedule.

As Real Estate Broker Harry Parson put it, "A picture is worth a thousand words, and if you have bad photographs of your listing, it tells a thousand bad stories." (Credit: National Association of Realtors Blog Post.)

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