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Virtual Staging & Home Offices: The New Real Estate Trend

Virtual staging is a hot new real estate trend because of the way that Covid-19 has permanently changed the world. There are more and more people working from their home offices, or transitioning into working from home offices. Or perhaps they have worked from home during the Covid-19 crisis and now they're staying as remote workers because their company policies are changing, and so forth.

Virtual staging of spaces as potential home offices is a new real estate trend that isn't going away any time soon — home offices are here to stay, and virtual staging is one of the best ways to show buyers the home office potential of your listing.

The new real estate trend towards remote work isn't going away for several reasons. I personally think that's in large part because a lot of companies are cutting their overhead, quite frankly, by having employees working remotely. Covid-19 kind of forced a certain response from businesses, but now the businesses are kind of wanting to stay in that mode! That's just my own two cents. At this point in time, real estate is really trending towards home offices being extremely critical for buyers' decisions about home purchases.

I just wanted to show briefly this example of virtual staging, because I think it's important to think about. When you have a listing for sale as an agent, if you have the opportunity to deploy virtual staging to turn a room into a home office — maybe you have a bonus room, a lower level, or the home has many bedrooms and you can afford to use one as an office space — if there is a room that you have the option to virtually stage as a home office this can be a very critical point right now for home buyers. This can be a critical thing that they are considering in their purchase decision, because again, this is the new real estate trend!

I just wanted to highlight that, because our goal is to help you succeed as a real estate agent. This example in particular is furniture that is modeled after Pottery Barn. It actually is Pottery Barn furniture that has been turned into a 3D model, which we now use to stage rooms virtually. It's cool stuff! If you're curious about the furniture options that we have, feel free to check out our furniture gallery.

I wanted to put this bug in your ear — think about home offices when you think about virtual staging, because this is really an up and coming new real estate trend that's really not going anywhere anytime soon. When you have that opportunity to virtually stage a home office, definitely keep it in mind.

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