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Virtual Renovation Can Give Your Listing A Facelift

Virtual renovation is so important when selling a home, because it broadens the listing's appeal to as many buyers as possible. Since the kitchen is a top concern for most home buyers, it’s the perfect spot to showcase, but what do you do when the kitchen you love could use a a makeover? And with our top-notch designer furniture modeled after brands like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and Magnolia Home, your listing is sure to shine.



You could do an actual kitchen renovation and deal with the hassle of construction and the process and time that takes, but thankfully that’s not your only option... enter, Virtual Renovation! And while each situation is different, a physical remodel might not be the best option, if your goal is to sell your home fast.

You might consider doing a virtual renovation (virtual remodel) instead instead. Not only is it easy on the wallet, particularly when compared to the time and cost of a physical renovation (which can easily run into five figures on the lower end), but a lower cost isn’t the only benefit. Virtual renovation also offers the following:

1. An easy way to show how the kitchen could look different. This may involve a simple change of wall or cabinet color, or perhaps an entire virtual gut-job to give the space a more modern aesthetic. With virtual renovation, the sky is truly the limit.

2. Unlike a physical renovation, virtual renovations allow for a multitude of different options. A kitchen could be virtually remodeled in any number of different styles to appeal to as many buyers as possible. A professional chef and a home baker will have different ideas about what a kitchen should look like.

3. Features both large and small - such as an island, space for storage, small appliances, or items which bring a certain aesthetic to the space - can easily be added or removed as needed with virtual renovation.

A virtual renovation is an amazing way to encourage buyers to look beyond the reality of a space to see what it could be. Buyers love to dream about making a house their own - why not help them see how they can do so? Contact us today for a free virtual renovation consultation.