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Is "VIRTUAL" The New Staging?

Virtual staging and virtual renovation provides potential residential or commercial buyers with a glimpse of potential. We customize our virtual staging to fit the style of the space you're working with. We use designer virtual staging furniture, and can even stage a room multiple ways. Virtual Staging and Virtual Renovation gives you the benefits of staging and remodeling at a fraction of the cost. We can virtually stage one room in multiple ways to showcase the buyer's options. You can pick the virtual staging furniture you like, or let our designers pick it for you. With virtual staging, your options are endless.

The search for property begins online these days... and so more than ever, your listing pictures are what gets a buyer in the door. Virtual Staging is a becoming more and more of a no-brainer. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in real estate a picture can be worth thousands of dollars. 

Virtual staging and virtual renovation shows potential like nothing else. You don’t want your buyers doing a ton of guesswork about a room’s purpose or functionality; you want them picturing themselves in that space. Virtual Staging gives them that option.

With virtual staging and virtual renovation, you can take that 1970's inspired master bath and bring it into the 21st century. Renovate a communal living space with different flooring, wall color, perhaps an addition (or removal) of a fireplace. Show how repairs to wall or floor damage would look. Create a mini office kitchen and break room area in a big open space. 


That remodel you've dreamed of but can't afford? The sky’s the limit with virtual staging and virtual renovation. Physical remodeling isn't always an option, especially if you're looking for a quick sale. You probably don't have time to remodel that kitchen, basement, bathroom... or whatever else. Virtual renovation, on the other hand, is not only easy on your wallet but is also an amazing way to encourage buyers to look beyond the current reality and see what it could be. You can help them renovate it in their mind, without the cost or time of a real remodel.

A home office? A mother-in-law-suite? A game room and entertainment center, perhaps? Remodel it however you like! That's the beauty of going virtual, really.


Buyers love to dream about making a house their own - virtual renovation, remodeling and virtual staging do wonders for helping buyers envision the potential.