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5 Virtual Staging Tips: How to CRUSH it in Real Estate this Spring Market

Let's talk about 5 Virtual Staging tips that will help you CRUSH it this spring market!

Tip #1 - CURB APPEAL. You really want to think about that what that buyer's first impression is going to be when they see your home on the market - when they look through those photos online. There are a couple of things that people often overlook. First of all, we can virtually stage the exterior as well as the interior. So you can think about things that might make your patio area more attractive, or whatever the outside photo of your listing is. You can add plants, seating areas, flowers - all manner of things that will really enhance your curb appeal. And curb appeal is what's going to set your listing apart from other listings. The idea, of course, is that you want to be as inviting and as appealing as possible.

Tip #2 - THINK ABOUT SEASONAL TRENDS. One thing that people are really itching to do in spring time is get outside in the great outdoors when the weather is starting to warm up and be nice! So features like patios, decks, pools, porches - these are things that really sell a home for buyers when it comes to the springtime market. So again, you need to apply this to your Virtual Staging goals as well. You can furnish the exterior and these outside areas as well. Think in terms of outdoor entertaining and what buyers might be looking to accomplish, especially right now with Covid-19 and people wanting to be outside more than inside. We can put outdoor seating, plants, even outdoor rugs - you name it - but you want to make that space something that the buyers can see themselves using.

Tip #3 - THINK ABOUT LIGHTING. This also has a lot to do with people being sick and tired of the cold, dreary winter. They're really wanting something that is kind of warm and light. That's why we have lighter color wardrobes in spring, and things like that! Think in terms of rooms that convey this light. You want to get photos that have really good lighting and windows - sunrooms, breakfast nooks, things like that. These are the kinds of rooms that are very attractive to buyers coming out of the winter cold and dreariness and into the springtime!

Tip #4 - THINK ABOUT LIGHTER COLORS. This is very related to the last tip about light in general, but what I want to stress is that you can actually change the color of the furniture or the fabric; with Virtual Staging you can change that to be lighter! So keep that in mind as you're trying to cater to what a springtime buyer is really looking for. You can pick a furniture set that we have available, and just tell us you want a different color and we can easily do that for you... creams, beiges, light grays, whatever happens to be the trend in your area at the moment. We can take that into account and tailor your furniture to your spring time market needs.

Tip # 5 - USE VIRTUAL STAGING TO SET YOURSELF APART AS AN AGENT. Part of setting yourself apart from all the other agents who are also out there doing the same thing you do, is that you can provide a list of superior services with better quality to your sellers. This is what's going to get your sellers coming back to list their future homes with you; this is what's going to get them telling their friends and coworkers and family members about you as an agent, and recommending you to them. So definitely try to impress your sellers with the list of services with the list of services you can provide to them - Virtual Staging being an up and coming trend that is impressing many sellers right now. Keep it in mind, put it in your list of arsenal that you can use to really impress them!