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Design It Yourself(DIY)

Design It Yourself(DIY)


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What is DIY Virtual Staging Exactly

Our DIY virtual staging platform is unique in the industry; no other company gives you this much control over your virtual staging results. Our platform allows you to browse our furniture categories and select which items you want in your image. Let's say you want control over the rug color, sofa style, or center pieces - no problem! Simply select a sofa and rug exactly to your liking, and decide which accessories will look best in your home. We let YOU be the designer.


The Design It Yourself Process

We have a robust catalogue of 3D models of furniture in a variety of styles and color schemes. We have all of our furniture separated into categories - for example: sofas, chairs, and end tables. Simply click on the items you want to appear in your virtually staged image. Our virtual staging process is a complex photoshopping technique where we place the virtual furniture into the image, adjust the proportions and angles, and add layers like shadows, light sources, fabrics, and textures, and a few other small touches to make the furniture appear realistic. Once complete, we deliver the finished product back to you lickity split - (within 24 hours.)


Designer Brand Virtual Furniture

Virtual Staging is only as good as the virtual furniture that's used. That's why we, unlike most companies, pride ourselves in the quality of our furniture and the fact that our 3D models are designer-brand inspired. We believe that realism is key when it comes to happy sellers and interested buyers. Our models are inspired by brands like Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Magnolia Home, Restoration Hardware, and The Sofa & Chair Company, among others. Trends are an important part of first-impressions these days, and trends are changing. We do our part to keep up with these trends, to help you keep you impressing your clients.

At Picture Perfect Virtual Staging, We Make Everything Easy For You...

Step #1 - Upload Your Images

Once you have selected the DIY option on our order page, you will be prompted to upload your images. (You will see a button at the top of the page.) If you have more than one image that needs to be virtually staged or virtually renovated, then you will upload your first image, select the furniture for that particular image, and then continue on to complete this process for your second and third image, and so on.




Step #2 - Choose Furniture

You can browse any of our furniture categories (such as bedroom furniture, accessories, coffee tables, and even wall colors and flooring styles if you are ordering virtual renovation.) and select items to your liking. You will be prompted to do this for each image that you upload. You can make the space light and airy, or richly elegant. We've created a trendy catalogue that represents all kinds of stylish looks, ranging from modern to classic to transitional. We will use only the furniture you selected to virtually stage or renovate your space.



Step #3 - Additional Instructions

After you have uploaded your image and selected your furniture and/or virtual renovation items, we provide you with a section where you can add additional instructions to our virtual stagers... for example, you can let us know to put the sofa against the right wall, or the flower arrangement on the mantel instead of the coffee table. You can also let us know any pertinent information that may be helpful to know about the layout of the space, or the look you are going for.