Commercial Virtual Staging



Turn your space

into something practical.


Transform your space

to suite your target buyer.


Show potential in a way

they can visualize.



Virtual Renovation makes anything possible. That's the beauty of it. We can virtually renovate anything... from retail space to warehouse, from store front to venue. This benefits sellers because it helps buyers envision potential - this drives offers and sale prices. Everyone wins.



Virtual renovation of a retail space could be your ticket to help the buyer envision their business in your space. They might not be able to renovate the space in their imagination... so we help you help them to envision that remodel. Anything is possible.



That cute little shop around the corner could be their future business... with a little virtual renovation or virtual remodeling, they'll be able to imagine it. The benefits are invaluable, especially with large commercial spaces that can look a little bit drab or boring otherwise. Give buyers the best shot at seeing that space as theirs.



Virtually renovate any part of your commercial real estate space... from floors, to ceilings, to warehouses, to offices. We can take an empty canvas and paints it full of possibilities. Show your commercial buyers that your listing is perfect for the commercial business needs.

Commercial Virtual Renovation


turn any space into

anything you want.


help buyers see

what could be.

low cost

showcase the potential

without the cost.




Virtual renovation and remodeling isn't limited to interior spaces. Take that vacant lot and encourage builders to see its potential. An up and coming area can be an investment buyer's gold mine. Spark their imagination with a little exterior facelift.



You're only limited to the scope of your imagination... anything is possible with a virtual remodel. From gym equipment to boutique coffee shops, we have the virtual furniture to virtually renovate your space in whatever fashion you choose.



Show that small business owner the vast potential of your commercial listing. It's hard to see past this unfinished space into the potential of that boutique spa without virtual renovation! A virtual remodel can get you interested commercial buyers, faster.



The private venue is perhaps the most conducive to virtual renovation - it's where residential and commercial often meet. Turn that vacant or outdated venue into something trendy, attractive, and versatile with a little remodeling that shows your buyer all the endless options.



The sky's the limit when it comes to utilizing and showcasing your vacant, unfinished, or other-purposed space in a new light. Virtual renovation puts you a cut above the rest as a commercial real estate agent - sellers will appreciate your dedication to their listing, and buyers will appreciate being able to envision their business in your space.



Virtual renovation is often thought of in terms of interior spaces, but that does not have to be the case. If you have a commercial space that needs a face lift on the outside - perhaps a parking lot, a paint job, or an addition - virtual renovation might be your ticket to inspiring buyers' imaginations.